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Effective Prospecting Workshops
Connect, Influence and Inspire on Purpose

What Great Sales People DoThrough our What Great People Do workshops, you will discover how to connect with, inspire and influence the people you wish to do business with.

What Great Sales People Do is a research-based framework designed to enable your salespeople to sell with greater confidence, effectiveness and purpose, by breaking down the human barriers that buyers instinctually raise.

The framework harnesses the power of two of the most intrinsic, yet underdeveloped communication forms: story telling and story tending.

Facilitated by certified Story Seeker Instructors, Effective Prospecting Workshops are interactive, practical, experiential, and feedback-oriented. The workshop is broken into lecture, practice, coaching, and real life case study exercises. At the end of a workshop, attendees will:

  • Understand the Barriers that buyers put up, and why
  • Know the pathway around those Barriers
  • Understand the psychology of how buyers make decisions over time
  • Learn how to consciously activate the part of the buyer’s mind where hope, trust, imagination and new ideas are formed, while relaxing the skeptical side of the mind
  • Know how to share information through four basic types of stories: Who Am I, Who I Represent, Who I Have Helped, and My Buyer’s Story
  • Through practice, gain the skills necessary to be able to share your stories authentically and passionately
  • Learn how to encourage a buyer to share their story and be open to new ideas using an Active Listening formula
  • Learn how to prospect for new opportunities, creating interest and curiosity

The Effective Prospecting Workshops are structured in four phases over a two and a half day period.

  • Phase 1, you will learn the science behind using story and how to apply this science to deliver an effective company story
  • Phase 2 will immerse you in empathic listening activities, enabling you to lower your buyer’s guard and uncover the buyer’s story
  • Phase 3, you will learn the delivery of a great story
  • Phase 4, you will apply your storytelling and listening skills to real world selling situations

The workshop is led by a certified Story Seeker trainer. There will be coaches participating in the workshop to assist and guide students in developing effective stories and empathic listening skills.

There will be short evening assignments to help reinforce the concepts, principles, and skills for being effective Story Seekers after the workshop is concluded.

After becoming Story Seekers, you will continue to refine your story telling skills through ongoing application and sharing of best practices, successes, and lessons learned.

Seller Statements and QuestionsSeller Stories

Learn how to communicate effectively with buyers. Don't be rejected!
First develop trust, then get down to business.

Previous quotes from a workshop:

"...sales is about connecting! StoryLeaders taught us to break down the barriers..."

Jon Bierman, COO, Netcordia

"...gave my team the confidence they can now connect with their corporate clients with sincerity and can build the trust/credibility essential in the enterprise sales cycle."

Jess Richter, VP Sales, LiebSoft

“We were able to clone what the very best salespeople do naturally. Our salespeople have become more successful by learning how to better connect with the people they’re trying to influence, and getting them to do this on purpose."

Mike McGlone, WW VP Sales, Reliance Globalcom

Effective Prospecting Workshops are configured to match your business. Participants leave ready to use the missing link in sales, Story Selling.



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