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Negotiating the Close of a Sale with a Win-Win

November 2010 Newsletter

Wrapping up 2010.

This month's newsletter is an extract of a Negotiating workshop that we provide to our clients. There will be more newsletters regarding negotiating to a win/win in 2011.

We felt though, that many of our clients are wrapping up opportunities at the end of the year and some step-by-step review for running a negotiating session would be of value.

How to Execute a Win/Win Negotiating Session

win win negotiating This month's newsletter is about successfully ending a sell/buy cycle with a win/win. A win for you and a win for your client.

There is certainly much more to negotiating than the final session, yet we wanted to keep this article reasonably brief, and to the point.

If you have any questions about executing a final negotiation with prospects or existing clients, please feel free to email or call.

If you have attended workshops with me, you know that I suggest that negotiating starts from the moment you successfully contact a prospect. In 2011 we'll provide additional thoughts on successfully negotiating win/win's throughout a sell/buy cycle.

This article is 4 pages in length including pictures to help illustrate the points of the step-by-step process. The reading for it is approximately 7-10 minutes. I hope you take the time to review it!

Good negotiating at the end of the year and into the future.

Negotiating a Win-Win
Where and How to Begin


Please feel free to call or email if you would like to discuss ideas of how you may be able to further align your sales and marketing to increase sales.

Good Selling!

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